This week’s image was taken by the beautiful and talented Sue Siri when we were hanging out in Nashville for Imaging USA! We had a great time and learned some great stuff and as you can see, had some fun taking photos.

Now onto our random things for this week.

1. I hate wearing things on my wrists, I own a couple of watches, and a couple of bracelets but I almost never wear them.

2. I love writing journals, and I keep them all.

3. I don’t like getting flowers (especially roses) on valentines day (its a longish story that you can ask me about someday) however a nice flower for no reason is a happy thing.

4. Frozen Yogurt for me is like someone’s glass of wine. Its something I look forward to, or have to unwind!

5. I got an iphone this week, and i LOVE it!

6. Someone recently told me I must have the joy gene, which I thought was nice. I hope I pass it on to my kids (when we have them someday…)

7. I love how when its been cold and its like minus 5 everyone talks about how warm it is…today I saw a girl walk down the street in a t-shirt. You know you’re from Nova Scotia when…

8. You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching tv (unless you do butt flexing exercises like I do sometimes!)

9. I also do the butt flexing trick while driving, along with sometimes belting a good song or dancing up a storm (all safely while my hands are at 10 & 2 )

10. I am starting to wonder what random facts I will have to come up with six months from now.

Feel free to comment and share some random things about you!!!

All the best!