So I prepped this blog post before we left for Mexico…so it had NOTHING to do with Mexico, except for the beautiful beach above… there is lots to be said for the Mexican way of life, and lots of random things that I will share…next week :) For now here are some random things that I am not very good at.

Well I like to do things well, but there are some things that, despite my efforts, I am really bad at….here are a few of them!

1. Folding sheets (actually folding clothing in general….Alex just shakes his head at me but sheets are the worst)

2. breaking eggs….I am ALWAYS fishing egg shell out of things (I actually break eggs into a separate dish before adding them to a receipe because I lose shell so often)

3. putting things back where they belong when I am finished with them. Yes my parents taught me this as a child…it just never stuck!

4. closing cupboards and drawers

5. remembering to use up leftovers

6. keeping my car tidy (poor Alex will clean it…and it just gets filled with stuff!)

7. letting things go. and silly insignificant things…like I sometimes still thinkabout how when we went to California and went to Knott’s Berry Farm, we paid for parking and I later found out that there was another lot that was free…it was like $8.00, I know…its sad!

8. Relaxing….should be interesting in Mexico! I do have a couple of weddings and a couple of shoots and some other work to do at night…but it will be interesting if I learn how to relax….

9. Mind over matter…like if I’m cold, or if there are a lot of bugs, I have a hard time just forgetting it and moving on…

10. pairing up socks….they all end up in a big hamper all together. Someone I know told me that when they were kids there parents used to make them pair up socks as punishment…I think that is a good idea!!