The other day I stopped by Jeff Cooke’s the other day (ok a few weeks ago) and he snapped this shot of me while showing me some new gear. He sent it to me so I thought it might work for 10 random things…so thanks Jeff!!!

I know I’ve been slacking, so I’ve been saving up some random things….

1. I don’t like when my windshield wipers go faster than the rain and make a squeaky sound… so I am constantly adjusting them…

2. I like variety in all things, love when I can go out and share meals with friends, I think its one of the reasons I like Thai food so much.

3. the new Scotsburn frozen yogurt is made in some of its most popular ice cream flavors…and I think I like it better…and its not as fatty…mmmm cookie dough frozen yogurt

4. I have a really hard time keeping with healthy eating and exercising when busy season hits…I know it will help me to feel better and get more done…but its tough!

5. I like comedians but some of them are awful…but this guy is HILARIOUS. We saw him on a cruise and I recommend him highly! Check him out. Fred Klett

6. I really like when my toenails are painted, but don’t like having my fingernails painted at all.

7. I have a pile of cheap jewelry (we’re talking $3 earrings here) that I wont get rid of because they are just missing a loop or a hook or something…anyone know anyone who makes jewelery who might be able to take on the task?

8. I got a new phone in my office…it is purple.

9. I got a new fun light this week, and I am excited to play with it!

10. I have a great organizational system for my clothing, which I don’t use….instead…I use piles…same system I seem to use in my office….and my car….lol maybe someday….