Alright its getting close to the wire (again) as I write this post. If by chance you’ve heard these random things before…um…its kinda sad if you remember, and I don’t….just sayin! LOL. Thanks to Alex for taking Addy & I to take some pics for mothers day! Here are this week’s random things…

1. I have NO idea why anyone would want to fold their slice of pizza in half to eat it. If you know the reasoning behind this please let me know. I like to enjoy my pizza and folding it in half would mean it would be gone twice as fast….so I guess if you had to eat in a rush…or were in some sort of pizza eating contest…those would be reasons….

2. I have two VERY random sayings that I use, one that I have NO idea where it came from and one that I do know where it came from and it still cracks me up. The first is that “I feel like my teeth have fuzzy sweaters on” someone said it to me once and I laughed, and it stuck with me. But you know that feeling when you really just wan to brush your teeth? Tell me it doesn’t feel like that next time you notice your feel grimy.

3. The second is “the night is but a fetus” (said in a true newfy accent) this one also always gets a good reaction, and can be modified to whatever activity or time of day has just begun…”the day is but a fetus”

4. I take my earrings off everywhere. I just usually get to a point where earrings, rings, hair clips are all just too much for me. Today I took off my headband on the drive home (now on the seat of the car) ring when washing bottles, bracelet when bathing addy and now earrings on my desk (there are 4 other pair on my desk as well)

5. I use a beach towel daily.

6. I just recently “discovered” backcombing/teasing. I am addicted. Love the new look, love variety in hairstyles.

7. I think I burst a blood vessel in my eye  today from sneezing. Well I burst the blood vessel for sure…if it was the sneezing that caused it I am not 100% sure. Mmmmm sexy bloodshot eye….

8. I had banana cotton candy the other day at the fair (pics to come soon)….I did not know that such a thing existed!

9. One of my favorite desserts is “billy miners pie” from the Keg. I recently had a marble slab creamery creation that tasted VERY similar which motivated me to create the same thing at home. MMMMM cappuccino frozen yogurt with caramel, oreo and (sometimes if I’m feeling healthy lol) almonds!

10. I just finished a 10 week weight loss challenge. I didn’t QUITE meet my goal of 10lbs in the 10 weeks BUT I am down almost 50lbs from Jan 1.  Six to go to pre pregnancy weight (yes you can do the math….56 lbs gained to bring Addy into this world…and I gotta say…WELL worth it!)….16 to goal weight…so pretty excited overall. I would love to of course be at my goal weight right now but I’m thinking we’re doing ok!