Well I bet you weren’t expecting this post!!! To be honest, neither was I!!! I was thinking today how badly neglected the blog has been this summer! We have been doing so many fun things, and interesting shoots, but since getting files to clients has been my priority, the blogging time has been a little scarce! Thanks to Katy who took this pic of me chimping on a trip to Cape Breton! I CANNOT believe that the summer is over, that Addy is almost 9 months old…means she’s been around for almost as long as I was pregnant with her…WOWZAS! It certainly has been a life changing year, and I think that we’re getting pretty well adjusted as a little family while still being a passionate photographer. Actually having Addy and my new Nikon gear (did I even talk about that on here? Not that it really matters but I am VERY happy I made the switch) has has me back to taking pictures more often for fun….BUT I have been a little lax on the sitting at the computer and getting stuff done side of things! Thankfully I’ve been disciplined enough to get files to my clients on time, and everyone has been SO amazing (seriously people…you rock!!!) but my marketing/blogging/playing around time has been pretty much non-existent! So I wanted to give you a heads up and let you know that:

1. We are still here and we are still LOVING photography! We have started picking up for bookings for Christmas gifts (both boudoir and family) so if its something you are interested in, you should totally touch base! We MAY be doing a set of mini sessions in October send us an email at heather@thisisphotography.ca or comment on this post if you’d like to see that happen! :)

2. We’ve been amping up our boudoir sets and lighting! As always we respect our clients privacy so we’re waiting for permission to share some of these pics with you, but we’re having a lot of fun with boudoir and loving the response from our clients! I also just got back from another visit to the Boudoir Divas studio in California! Those ladies and what they do are amazingly inspiring so the creativity is flowing and there will be some even MORE new stuff coming soon!

3. We’re booking up for next summer and are super stoked with all of the couples we have met with!

4. I used to eat my McDonalds ice cream with a stir stick (when they used to have a little tiny spoon on the end)

5. We have some older products that we have discontinued in stock, some fun albums, folios and wallet booklets. We’ll be doing a Christmas sale with these items that you can purchase to put your own images in, or if you’ve had a shoot with us in the last couple of years they can be filled with images from your shoot! Stay tuned for that :)

6. I’m afraid of Pinterest. I know that there is a whole world of interesting things out there and a million ideas, and I also know that some photographers are using it as a great tool for sharing and marketing…but I am afraid. Afraid that it will take up all the free time that I DONT have :) Lol I’ve been on a handful of times (mostly right before Addy was born) and for some reason ended up on there the other night and I of course just HAD to do a project that I saw on there…seriously that thing is addictive. BUT I am pretty proud that I already completed the first few stages of the project (you’ll see soon)

7. I got my wedding rings re-sized. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and was SICK of not being able to wear them (It had been over a year!) So we took them in and had them re-sized. Yay :)

8. I am feeling super “Martha Stewart-y” lately. I made Carrot Soup tonight and am making Carrot Cake tomorrow (so what I bought a Costco size bag of carrots and need to use them up!) plus my pinterest project and a few other things and I love it, I feel like its another way to let my creativity out… I think we could all use a little more of that :)

9. I’m sleepy, but I have super restless legs…maybe I should go for a run…lol yeah right…but I might stretch!

10. I know it may sound like just lip service but its not. I am so thankful and feel so truly blessed that I can have an amazing daughter and get to spend so much time with her but still be able to do what I love to help take care of her. I am thankful that I have the clients that I do who don’t mind a baby tagging along for a viewing session, or who are genuinely upset when I don’t bring her to a meeting! So to all you wonderful supportive people…THANK YOU!