Hey all! Well I am posting today’s 10 random things from Jamaica!!! I love this pic of me that Kristyn took (is that vain? if so…I am…but it also kicks off my 10 random things)

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to laugh. Me and my mom laugh at each other a lot. And laugh together even more! Often people will ask me what I am smiling at…”I’m always smiling” is usually my response. I may not ALWAYS be smiling but it is my most common “look”

2. I have never been to an all-inclusive before. This is the first….not sure how I feel about it yet…

3. I don’t understand smoking. No offense who do, but you are allowed to smoke in the hotel here which I am not used to anymore. Its stinky, and icky, and well I just don’t get it.

4. I also don’t get littering. We are here and there is a beautiful beach and people just take their plastic glasses and straws and drop them on the beach! SO not cool!!!

5. Some dude on the plane today told me I would freak people out with my green eyes. He also told me I shouldn’t wear a bikini because the locals would *pant* *pant* go crazy…. yup…that really happened…

6. Being someone who worked in the hospitality industry, I don’t know why someone who was in it wouldn’t attempt to I don’t know…be hospitable. I know that it doesn’t cost them more to put people in nicer rooms if they are empty, so why wouldn’t they? Just a thought?

7. Jamaicans actually talk just how I thought they would!

8. I like pina coladas and I don’t mind getting caught in the rain.

9. I am not good at sudokus. I actually am not good at most games that require patience, or math, or focus for any extended periods of time. I cant tell you the last time that I finished a game of monopoly…

10. I love the sound of waves. And the look of the ocean.