Well this weeks 10 Random Things Tuesday images come to you from the wonderful Jeff Babineau. I drove up to see Jeff last week and we talked shop and then went out for a little shoot. I was supposed to be shooting along side of Jeff and helping as we played with lighting but Jeff humored be as I wanted to don my so-formal-i-have-no-actual-reason-to-wear-it dress for some shots! Thanks again Jeff for letting me play model! It was fun and we’ll have to do it again soon!

Ok well here we go for 10 random things :)

1. I feel self-centered for posting two random things Tuesday posts with no client work in between! I have a been a busy bee and have lots in the cue, but nothing QUITE ready to post! Lol I know you don’t just come to check out pictures of me, so know that there are lots of new images coming soon!

2. I find a lot of really fancy moisturizers, or nice smelling ones don’t actually do their job. They may smell nice, or have shimmer, but sometimes my hands or feet or whatever I put it on actually end up feeling more dry when I use them…does that happen to anyone else?

3. I like kid food! The last wedding I shot there was beautiful salmon with rice, or beef and potatoes (and I am sure some fancy words for all of these items along with the sauces and glazes that went along side) but my eyes glazed over when I saw the kids meals, chicken fingers, fries AND pizza…its like my dream meal…so sad I know.

4. I thought of this because I had a pop tart today, I would have to say its been YEARS since I have had a pop tart, but cant promise it will be years before I have another one.

5. I love to get really dolled up (hense why I bought a dress that I have no purpose for yet…but I bought it at a yard sale for $30 or $35 so I think that it was an ok investment)

6. I love storms. Winter, summer, doesn’t matter. Watching the power of God through these displays in nature I just find absolutely amazing.

7. I have recently decided I need to get rid of STUFF, but to be honest I really don’t know how! Over the last week I have been doing pretty well at when I am getting dressed and the shirt is stained, or has a hole or I just don’t like it that much…instead of putting it back in the drawer I put it in a bag to give away…or throw away :) So I guess thats a start. Anyone have any tips for getting rid of stuff??

8. I got an Ipad2 with stylus and have been doing pretty good at using it as my notebook and everything, but the other day I just needed to use a pen and paper…there is something about it that I still really like, I am not fully converted yet.

9. I am hungry. Yup Exciting I know but I want to finish this post so I can go eat! Lol and I’ve got nothin!!!

10. I just googled “random fact” because well, I google everything…and it came up with this Random Fact Generator. If you are in need of some procrastination there are some interesting tidbits on there!

OK I’m going to EAT! lol!!! I’ll be back later this week with some fun images for you!