heather6-copyHave you all been waiting in anxious anticipation for my random musings about myself? Ready or not, here they come.  Oh and I told Jeff that I was going to have to use a photo from my iphone for this weeks post and he came up with this for me! Not too shabby eh??? Oh the benefits of having a photographer for a friend!

1. My husband (Alex) and I both drive with the same seat/steering wheel settings, which is odd because Alex is much taller than me.

2. I prefer drinking through a straw.

3. Without fail, if I wear mascara…I will cry.

4. Sometimes I forget to wear my glasses when I am at the computer and I don’t realize until my face is 6 inches from my computer screen.

5. My favorite candy is strawberry starburst. mmmmm

6. I giggle whenever someone types “nom.nom.”

7. I secretly sometimes sneak away for 10 minutes and rest my eyes on days I work from home. BUT I eat lunch at my desk to make up for it :)

8. I have no idea who movie or music stars are….tell me a name and you’ll have to show me a picture….show me a picture and you’ll have to tell me a name.

9. I like the sounds of my fingers clicking on the keyboard :) I miss that about my blackberry.

10. I would have thought my favorite movies were romantic comedies in general, but when I think of my favorite movies…. the borne movies, Sherlock homes, the blind side…. so I guess action?