Well hello faithful blog viewers! Life is as busy as every but we’re still shooting up a storm and having fun with our growing girl (and my growing belly!) I have lots to post but was pretty proud of the tea party themed shower I hosted for the very talented Naphtali Carleton (who is expecting just a week or so before me!) Thanks to all of Naphtali’s friends who helped out, my assistant Mike who put his masculinity aside and used my pink glue gun and his wife Jackie who lent me the china and silver tea set! Also a huge thanks from Susan at Simple Touch. The chair covers made a huge impact on the room overall, thanks for hooking us up!  The table was even more impressive once everyone brought the food but I got Alex to take this pic before everyone arrived cuz I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget (which I did after it was completely set!)  SO now that the thank you’s are all out of the way, here are some random things stemming from the afternoon tea:

1. I do enjoy Pinterest. I am still a newbie I would say, but after a few wasted hours I determined that I would not go on Pintrest and pin things and never do them! SO some ideas for our reveal party, for this shower, for baby’s room, for feeding our family have been found on Pinterest.

2. I have recently started using my creativity outside of the world of photography, which has actually inspired me with more ideas for photography, which is pretty cool. It’s almost like now that I opened myself up to creativity in general its coming in different ways. Putting together some of the things for parties etc has been fairly creative but I also have been doing some design stuff and crafty things (like making paper roses, and drawing and painting…) and I have been loving it!

3. I love flowers. I wish I could have fresh flowers in the house all of the time. However I am not a green thumb, I kill plants, not on purpose but it is inevitable.

4. I am coming to terms with the fact that I am a bit of a pack rat, and I know I need to work on it. However when you are hosting a party and you find hostess gifts that you per-purchased (great prizes) and enough vases in a box to cover the table with little flower arrangements you have to  think “sometimes holding onto things just isn’t that bad”

5. I do like tea. I often say “I don’t like hot drinks” but the last few times that I have had tea I have really enjoyed it. Funny that I still don’t make it often though…

6. I think my baby boy will be born before the end of March. Maybe just wishful thinking but hey, I was right with Addy! (And randomly….I thought of this because at 36 weeks I started drinking Raspberry Leaf tea…which I plan to do again)

7. We have recently started educating ourselves on the foods we eat, and some changes that we need to make. Its hard to make them at the present time since I am still sick a LOT of the time…and also this amount of information can feel almost paralyzing at times. Like “everything I ever thought I knew about food was wrong” so then its hard to know what to eat…anyway we are learning and hopefully making some better choices, and hopefully will continue to do so so we can have a happy healthy family!

8. And on the path of eating things that maybe aren’t so good for us (like bread apparently!) I was never a fan of sandwiches, still not a huge thing for me….but I can tell you, a grilled sandwich or panini….I can definitely get on board with!

9. I have super restless legs again, which makes me want to go for a walk… but I REALLY don’t like being cold, so squats and flexing and stretching my muscles will have do to for tonight!

10. I have a crush on Siri. Ok maybe not really, but I am finding using siri on my phone really handy…or not handy actually. My personal blog posts have been mostly dictated through Siri and my shopping list, to do list, texts etc. With Addy around a lot it seems to be a great way for me to get these things added while still having one hand to hold hers or to cook/tidy or whatever. I have used Siri a few times as well to send messages (with my hands-free) while driving, but since I don’t read before sending them sometimes I have been a little surprised at what Siri THOUGHT that I said….