kellyb_007Alright well I have some serious blogging to do but I couldn’t miss another week of 10 random things! So lets see how fast I can do this!
1. We head to California in just over a week! YIKES. I really meant to prepare more for my shoot down there, but hey, couldnt tear myself away from editing all my amazing clients files! Seems like there are a lot of priorities that come ahead of me working out! (priorities = excuses)

2. Usually when I travel its a whirlwind but we changed our trip all around so we are only in one place in California for 10 days (ok maybe two….but its better than the 6 cities I had planned before!!!)

3. We got our new Ikea PAX Wardrobe system and I have DAYS of laundry folding and hanging ahead!! But I am excited to see the floor in my bedroom again!

4. I like Ikea and I like their website and how organized everything looks. I would love my house to be that way and I believe someday it will be!

5. I think I could eat pizza every day and not get sick of it. Not every meal of every day but every day it would be pretty safe.

6. I love getting mail! Snail mail is best!

7. I am pretty sure I am repeating random things but I don’t have the time to go back and check!!! Sorry if I am not as random as you thought!

8. I don’t like wearing sox but if I wear sox they are usually knee sox!

9. I couldn’t resist the 50% off candy at wal-mart yesterday. Find  it pretty crazy that they mark it down that much in ONE DAY! I have only had 2 pieces today, have to admit I am pretty impressed with myself.

10. I love being tanned. I really wish that it wasn’t bad for you!