Well I asked last week if anyone wanted to see more images from our practice shoot a couple weeks ago, and it seemed like a resounding yes! SO for this weeks 10 random things I have compiled some of my favorites, that show a bit more of just how random I can be! There are some silly shots, me trying to look sexy shots (as per instruction of course), some teaching shots….lol I think my favorite has to be the “I never sleep” …its kind of how I feel lately though I think last night I got a solid 7 hours!!! Its like an October Miracle!!! ok soooo 10 random things to follow all of these photos! Big shout out to Kristyn, Tash & Mike for coming out, playing, and learning! Enjoy!!

blogheatherrockAlright so after all of THOSE here are my 10 random things (and random they will be!)

1. I am the biggest clutz in the world. Often I have bruises and sore muscles or rolled ankles…lol just this weekend I was feeling a bit hyper and did a silly jump kick in these flat shoes (yes I do things like this often) My ankle hurt all weekend!

2. I think high heels are sexy IF you can walk in them. If you can’t walk in them, really don’t think you should be wearing them…just my opinion :) I retired one pair because I looked hilarious walking in them!

3. I love roller coasters.We’re going to go to Knott’s Berry Farm in California! 17 days till we leave!

4. I don’t understand what the big deal is with shaving your legs. “did I shave my legs for this?” and all that jazz. I mean I don’t always have perfectly smooth legs, but its never like beastly…I really dont know what made me think of this…but it was just a random thought! (hense why it made the random list!)

5. I cleaned my office over the last few days! Not  just TIDIED but went through & reorganized, emptied out my gear closet and re-sorted my files….I hope that it stays this way! BUT the funny party was that when I came to my office last night I thought someone had broken in because it was so empty!

6. I like to write. Often if I have something serious to say, or something that I would potentially be embarrassed about, I will write it (and then sometimes read it aloud) but I am much better at writing my thoughts out then just speaking them on the fly!

7. On rainy days like today I could stay in bed for hours. I find it harder to get up in the winter when it is cold and dark out in the morning!

8. One of my favorite movies of all time is Disney’s musical “Newsies” I am very excited that its been converted to DVD and I already ordered it for myself for Christmas!

9. I am a horrible gift wrapper…but I still love doing it!

10. I drink my skim milk (the only milk I will drink) with ice in it. Preferably lots of ice!