img_6937Well these may be VERY random because I am under the wire yet again! I had two shoots today and it was busy overall, and so here I am writing my 10 random things late tuesday night. I could skip it but to be honest…I am having fun with it!!

1. Until today I am not sure that I have ever really walked through the commons. (hint to where a shoot was today maybe???)

2. I was in the NS international Tattoo once. Yup I sang in the kids choir. Singin in the Rain.

3. I like walking in the pouring rain if I don’t have anywhere to go.

4. I am afraid of fire. (Have been since I was a kid) But I will still make fires if I need to.

5.  I love the sound of the ocean, streams, rivers and fountains. I love water!

6. I love reflections as well. I like to incorporate them into photographs when I can, but I also just love looking at them.

7. I don’t really enjoy city driving, but I am also not a great city passenger….nervous driver I guess…unless I am really comfortable with someone.

8. I say tomorrow funny…I say “tamarrow” and when I was a kid (ok until about 5 years ago) I used to say “brekfixt” instead of breakfast. I also say “fudgeSTICKle” cuz hey…there is a stick in there.

9. I am not a big chocolate lover.

10. I love cheesecake, but probably only eat it about 2 times a year. Homemade is my favorite :) I think I am going to make one soon!

Sleep tight blog buddies! Many posts to be coming soon!!!