butterflies_0637Alright well its already almost 11pm and i TOTALLY forgot that it was Tuesday! AND I am seriously lacking in new quality photos of me, so here is a photo I took this week.  And my first random thing will be the circumstances that surrounded this photo (circumstances sounds so serious….lol its not)

1. I believe that timing is everything in a lot of things. This was one of those times. I was taking cardboard out to the garage and looked out my back window and saw 10 or so butterflies on my flowers. I had never seen butterflies at our house before and there were so many, so I went and grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots. I came back in because I had a phone call and when I went to grab my other lens and go back out, there was not a butterfly to be seen AND  I haven’t seen any since (and now I have gone to look)

2. I don’t like Halloween. But one year I dressed up like catwoman, and no one knew who I was. That was kind of fun.

3. I love Christmas!!!! And though I am a VERY poor gift wrapper…I still love to do it!

4. I rarely sit on a couch in a hotel. I sit on my bed to sleep, watch tv, work on the computer, eat…. the couch is just pretty much for me to throw stuff on.

5. I still fit in my wedding dress!!! Tried it on last night when I had some girlfriends over.

6. I just started using a new (free) program called Evernote (www.evernote.com) so far I am loving it! You can take a photo of anything with text and it makes it readable and files it so you can search it!

7. I could look at photos all day long, in fact I do…but I mean my own photos, replaying parts of my life. I love them! Think my job fits me pretty darn well!

8. I lose books of stamps all the time. I buy a book  to send a letter…and then can never find the book again… I found 3 books on my desk the other day, its like finding money in last year’s coat!

9. I never wear lipstick, but I love lip gloss :) Wear it all the time. I wore cotton candy lip smackers on my wedding.

10. Ok and I will end up with another thought about the butterflies because sometimes the simplest things really speak to me. Sometimes I am so amazed at how things work out so perfectly. Its incredible how perfectly orchestrated some things (most things)  are when you take the time to look at it. I wouldn’t normally say I am a deep person, but I kind of feel that those butterflies were there just for me, and then they were gone, to remind me how I need to take time to enjoy the beautiful things in life, the more important things in life. We only have so much time, and I want mine to be balanced and filled with beauty, purpose, love and joy and all of the amazing things that are waiting for me :)

That was the deepest 10 random things yet! Hope you’ll still tune in next week!!!