When Ali & Scott suggested a park close to where they live, where they often take their dog, I was excited and nervous. Sometimes I like to scout things out ahead of time…and sometimes we just don’t have a chance. They sent me some pics from a walk that they went on, and I thought it would be fun to play with. However when I arrived…it was one of those overwhelming “gosh I love this place and don’t know where to start!” moments…and I had a bunch of them. I just kept wanting to shoot, and if this beautiful bean of ours wasn’t so adamant on me HAVING to go to the washroom…I am sure I could have kept shooting for another hour (as it was I was laughed at for RUNNING (ok semi running semi waddling) to the bathroom at the closest gas station) And just like the shoot, I could have kept adding pictures to this post…but I really wanted to get something up tonight so I had to stop somewhere! Here are a few from the day…(ok its killing me because I just saw like 10 more I wanted to post…maybe later in the winter!!)

These two had such amazing chemistry and I just cant wait until their wedding next year!

Enjoy! xo