Well I am back from Hawaii and back to work, after a day of returning emails, processing orders and working on projects I thought I would take a little break and share some images of the most amazing experience!

For the record I did not swim with dolphins, they swam with ME! ( I note this not only because its illegal to bother the dolphins but because its pretty sweet that they chose to interact with me!)

So we were on a snorkel excursion with Sea Quest Adventures, right away we saw a pod of dolphins, and I was so excited!!! So then we went to our first snorkel spot and the dolphins showed up again. Captain Steve said we couldn’t join the others that who were all rushing over to swim with them (cuz Sea Quest is so reputable and its not allowed) so I was a bit bummed. Then a bit later heading to our next snorkel spot we spotted another HUGE pod of spinner dolphins swimming next to us, I was just so excited. They were just about close enough to touch (but we didnt of course!)! Amazing!!! So then about a 20 minutes later we arrived at the second snorkel spot of the day and when I went in the water it was suggested I start swimming out to sea, I kept lifting my head and Alex was telling me to just keep swimming. A few minutes later they yelled for me to look in the water and this is what I saw… no zoom in these images! this is how close they were!!!

I shed a tear in my snorkel mask! It was amazing!!!