Most weddings inspire me in some way, whether its the mood, the decor, the light, the couple’s quirky love….but its usually something. Dree & Steve’s wedding was inspirational to me in the way of FAMILY. They both got ready with their families, and their parents & siblings sat at the head table with them. They were more concerned with getting to see family, getting photos with those that had traveled from away than getting a lot of photos of themselves. Both of the welcome to the family speeches welcomed not just the bride and groom, but their entire families into the fold of each other’s family… it was not like a father was losing his daughter & vice-versa but that there would just be a bigger family now. I don’t know but I just thought that it was wonderful, and now that we have Addy (and Bean 2.0 on the way) I think I always thought that it would be time for us to start our own things as our own little family, but the thing is…I don’t really want to. I love my family and Alex’s family…so why separate ourselves from them just because we have a child? Lets just be a bigger happier family :)
ANYWAY that was quite a rant, but I was inspired by these guys so had to share! The wedding was great, with lots of amazing food, tradition and dancing! Here are a few from the day: