We wanted to get some nice natural colours for Ashley & Joel’s engagement session, but also wanted to do some urban feeling shots…so we started off at Shubie Park, and were greeted by about 50 dogs and their walkers who were doing a fundraising walk. After we stopped doggie traffic for a while and grabbed our green shots, we were going to hop in the car and explore. But Joel & Ashley had a suggestion…”why don’t we go to the gravel pit” now I was picturing just a big pile of gravel, which I could have worked with, and since its where Joel worked there was a connection so I said “lets go for it” I had NO idea what I was getting myself into but I was like a kid in a candy store….lets go over there…ohhhh look at that…lets try over here. It was fun going somewhere so new and unique! Great idea guys and I will never think of a gravel pit the same again!