Sometimes I have an idea and it works out flawlessly but more often than not it doesn’t work out exactly how I had hoped. However sometimes…it works out even better! I had a vision to do a shoot inspired by the idea of being “at home by the sea”  the original concept was to set up a living room in the water but as this was one of my first creative styled shoots I thought maybe I would scale it back,  I thought it would be cool to suspend a window over the water and do a small table series. In my mind the window was really big, and so was the stand to hold it…but when we got to the beach both the window and the backdrop stand looked itty bitty teeny weenie…and it was WINDY. Naphtali had done such an amazing hair and makeup and the wind blew out her curls in mere minutes. In general things were looking not so good for my vision, things were not working the way I wanted and to be honest…I panicked. I was determined to push through and “do what I do” …and so I did! The beautiful couple Nick & Jessica are some of the kindest most loving & giving people I know and I was excited to get some shots of them celebrating their love (and can you believe this beauty has FIVE children!! That’s right FIVE!!!) As the light started to change we re-set up the window and I LOVE the shots that we got. It was a great experience and I learned a LOT. Here are some of the highlights of my learning and I think they are applicable to all aspects

– plan plan plan and be ready for everything to not go as planned

– be ready for everything

– shoot it all and then some

– work with what you’ve got

– lean on other people (I can tell you my next creative shoot will include help from many professionals!)

– have fun! (getting stressed really didn’t help…never really does!)

There are probably another hundred images I would like to share but for now these are some of my favorites!