Well I am just letting you know that I am one tired chica!!! I am absolutely LOVING life with beautiful baby, doing what I love and celebrating all of these things with amazing family and friends! HOWEVER trying to “do it all” can be kind of well…EXHAUSTING! SO I am shooting LOTS and getting stuff to my clients but I am still having a hard time keeping the blog all updated!!! This past weekend we had two weddings, (one in Halifax and one out in Musquodoboit) a teething-six-month-growth-spurting baby and we hosted a “not quite Canada day party” on the holiday Monday! I said to my mom today that I think the last time I was this tired was after my high school prom!!! (ok it might have ACTUALLY been somewhere in the first few weeks of Addy’s life…but it’s an epic kind of tired! I don’t know how some of you do it! I’ll be sharing images from weddings, engagements and maybe even some families in the next few weeks…but for now here is a boudoir post I had been working on! She was such an amazing client to work with and when she walked into the studio without her hair done, or makeup on I already knew that she was going to be a dream to photograph! Keep checking back for lots of new updates! Things are busy busy! Hope you all had a great long weekend! xoxo