Ok seriously what hast it been? Two posts since I have said how much I love my “job” ?

Well I could easily say it a few times a post.

I love it for so many reasons, I get to meet wonderful people, capture amazing moments, be creative, be outside and just be me!  (how many people get to let their personality really come out in what they do??)

I used to worry a lot what other people thought (I still do sometimes) and compare myself to what other people were doing (ok I still do that sometimes too ) but I am getting better at realizing that I need to just do my thing. The thing I love to do.

I am glad that photography is an art, and one that I can make mine.  I get to do my thing, use my ideas and my creativity almost on a daily basis, which is a pretty sweet deal! Not everything is always going to work, or be groundbreaking, or be completely new and I’ve come to realize that that’s ok! I of course always want to be learning and growing and trying new things, but I don’t ever want the stress of that to make me lose sight of what a gift it is for me to photograph a family, a moment, a place in time.

I am blessed to be doing what I love…and to be able to take pictures of a precious family like Ruby, Mark, Lyndsey and Pepper. (and they definitely are precious) I love little people’s little personalities, and Ruby’s was full on! Thank you guys for the opportunity to photograph your family! I hope you enjoy the sneak peak!