Well This is Photography {Boudoir} is officially launched. I have been doing boudoir (or intimates) photography for the last year and a half and I am waaaaay loving it.

I love being creative, helping women feel beautiful and giving them the photographs to prove that its true! Because I love it so much I have been focusing a lot of my creative energy towards getting the word out, getting new backdrops and growing in this genre of photography!

So here is the big boudoir news:

1. A new boudoir specific website!!! This site is dedicated to giving you info, showing you photos and being all about boudoir! If you have any questions you would like to see answered in the FAQ’s section just let me know and I can get them out there! But check it out here : www.thisisphotography.ca (Screen shot below! yay love the fun pink and the fun music) I love boudoir so much I thought it deserved a site of its own!

2. Check me out in Duly Noted here in the HRM. Duly noted is a local wedding planner/magazine and its FREE for you to pick up. You can get em for sure at Duly noted on Spring Garden Road and at other fine retailers in NS. I contributed an article about boudoir photography and also have an advertisement in there so check it out!!!

3. I am heading to Nashville Tennessee in January to attend ImagingUSA, where I will be learning from the amazing Boudoir Divas! I was up in the air on what conference, expo or seminar I would attend, but when the Divas announced they would be in Nashville thats where I decided to go! They are at the top of their game and I want to learn from the best so I can give you the best!!!

So check out the new website, the new Duly Noted Wedding Guide and keep watching for more announcements! Coming sooon!!!!!!!