So I have been having boudoir on the mind every day for the last few weeks! Not only have I been editing a lot of my beautiful boudoir clients but my Boudoir Divas shoot is only A WEEK AWAY! Yes that’s right I am flying to beautiful San Diego to have a shoot done and learn from the best of the best what they do and how they do it!

So far the preparation has helped me with the insight of what my ladies go through when getting prepared for the shoot. How they feel, the investment they often make in clothing, tanning, hair, fingernails and toes, and how nervous they may feel. (um cuz I DO!)

It also is helping me realize how many questions they have (because this is what I DO and I still have a bunch of questions!!!) and how I can help them be better prepared for their shoot!

SOOO I thought that I should post some shots from a recent boudoir shoot and tell you how excited I am to be going through this experience myself and to be able to bring back some new ideas and lots of insight (not to mention some sexy photos of me for my man! (and for me!))

One week till my shoot!!!!!! Super excited!!!