Well we are finally starting to get a break from the rain! Halfway through this shoot we felt a few sprinkles, but other than that we were free from the rain. Now I don’t mind shooting in the rain sometimes, I just am saying that I was pretty sick of the rain in general. SO it was great to get outside with Christa & Andrew and have some fun moving around downtown Halifax.  At the end  of the shoot we went to the Shoe Shop to take some shots of these guys having a beer and spending time together, but I didn’t know the Shoe Shop was renovated! My favorite parts were all gone! It was pretty crowded in there and there wasn’t much to work with so we headed down the street and went to The Carleton I’d never been in but its a cute spot and we got a nice table in the corner so we could grab a few shots. Kristyn and I left them to enjoy the rest of their beer and their Friday night!