Well do you remember in the fall we had three or four days where we had torrential downpours? I’m talking between 30-6omm of rain in a few hours? And that it was cold? Well I am pretty sure that our scheduled shoot with Carol & Mitch fell on every single one of those days. The first one was pretty bad so we rescheduled (we can work with the rain for sure, and sometimes it can be awesome…but at 7 months pregnant we didn’t really want me catching pneumonia) and the date we rescheduled for it rained twice as much! We almost gave in and did a local shoot in Halifax, but once they told me the history of the cottage, how they went there for their first date and how they spend so much of their time there…we kept working for a date where we could make this location work…and I am SO glad that we did! We had a lot of fun exploring the property and playing around, and I love that the location will be meaningful when they look back at these photos in years to come!

Thanks for rocking it guys and being patient with the rain!!