I have probably said it on the blog about a hundred times at this point but like my token “variety is the spice of life” I will say it again. I AM SO THANKFUL THAT I LOVE WHAT I DO! I cry every Saturday morning when I leave my baby girl and know I won’t see her until the next day, but then I get on my way and get in “the zone” I go over the notes, make (and alter) a plan in my head a million times, then I shoot shoot shoot all day long. If I didn’t LOVE what I did it would be nearly impossible for me to leave Addy, let alone love what I am doing but God has sooo blessed me with such a passion for what I do that while I am doing it I can completely focus on the task at hand! I just wanted to say how grateful I am for that and for amazing couples and weddings and just an amazing life I am living! I love love love it! A big shout out to all of the people who are currently contributing to the awesomeness of our lives…yes I mean YOU! Love and blessings!!! xoxo

Ok so speaking of amazing couples…enter Carol & Mitch and their awesome-game-for everything-and-having-a-blast-wedding-party! I think Carol had the sweetest and most attentive bridesmaids I have ever met. I mean who else has a girlfriend who, when given earrings from the bride on the day of the wedding,  goes into the bathroom and pierces her ears so she can wear them? That’s commitment my friends! I paraded Carol & Mitch’s wedding party around downtown in the sweltering heat and I would say they didn’t even break a sweat, but that would be a lie! BUT they did it with gumption! Thanks to the whole team for rocking the wedding prep and the wedding day! We had a blast and are so excited to share these images with you!