I probably don’t need to go on and on again about how much I enjoy engagement sessions. They are usually pretty laid back and fun and give me an opportunity to get to know the couple better, and them to get to know me better as well! We shot Claire & Dane’s esession last week on probably the coldest day we have had so far this winter…and I was NOT dressed for the occasion! When I was shooting I didn’t even notice that I was cold, but every time we stopped to go to a new location…I for sure noticed!

These two are super cute, but what I loved most about the session was that whenever Claire looked at Dane, she smiled. And not a “hey I know Heather has the camera on me” kind of smile…but a “this man makes me so happy” kind of smile…which just made it even more a joy to capture!

Thanks for braving the cold you guys! You totally rocked it!