Well Dave & Darah’s e-session was a last minute plan. It was Sunday evening and I was looking at the weather for the week and our Tuesday shoot was scheduled and it was looking like lots of rain. I messages Darah about what she thought about shooting the rain and we were looking at when we could reschedule, and our schedules wouldn’t line up….so I said…well you don’t happen to be available like…now? I had just driven home and the light was BEAUTIFUL! So they quickly rounded up some clothes, I found a couple things to bring as props and Mike drove in from Sackville as well, we all arrived at the house and went out from there. And I can tell you that the light was PERFECT for the kind of shoot we wanted to do. You might notice that I played with some different colors and tones and grains, I really couldn’t decide! Thanks to everyone for changing things around so we could get this beautiful light!