Chelsea & Marc and I met over a year ago to chat about doing a fun couples shoot with them! We wanted to do a summery beach shoot, and EVERY date that we chose RAINED! (And I don’t mind shooting in the rain sometimes…but it certainly doesn’t fit with a summery beach feel!) SO we rescheduled and rescheduled and finally it was nice on a date we chose (over a year and a half later) and we got to the beach and it was…cold…hazy…and windy. I was dissapointed, but wasn’t going to let these guys know, because we were going to take great photos and I knew that…but in my mind there was NO POTENTIAL for any kind of sunset at all. We shot a tonne of angles, ideas, and outfits and got them ready to shoot on the hill just as “sunset” was starting. It was a pretty sunset, certainly more than I had anticipated and I was pleasantly surprised. These guys had already rocked the early evening stuff, so this was just the icing on the cake. Then the mosquitos came out, and they were BAD. Like freaking out on the inside I don’t think I can handle it kind of bad. The sun was almost to  the horizon, the light was getting kind of flat and we were all getting eaten. So I called it. We started walking back to the cars. Then it happened. OUT OF NOWHERE the most AMAZING sunset appeared. IN AN INSTANT. It was nothing and then it was everything you could ever want in a dramatic sunset! Seriously GORGEOUS!!! I didn’t care about the bugs anymore (ok so I did…but not enough to STOP me from taking more photos!) So we dropped the gear in the parking lot of the beach and set up the last shot of the night. It was well worth the itchy ankles for the next few days (actually think I still have scars from these bad boys!!)

And you know what? This experience totally spoke to me. How often do we look at what’s in front of us and fail to see what is possible? I’m not talking photography wise, I am just talking about life (but the two can kind of go hand in hand for me) and I just want to say that its pretty cool to think that when it was cold and windy and hazy things looked pretty “meh”  and then “meh” turned to AMAZING out of nowhere. (Again not speaking of photography here… Chelsea & Marc I don’t think you could ever be “meh”! You’re pretty much amazing!) So just a little encouragement for you (and for me) that the amazing is out there, and it can sneak up on you out of nowhere! Maybe even today! (Side note: IT IS KILLING ME right now to be inside editing! I can hear Addy, Alex & my Mom outside playing and eating blackberries from the bushes in the bright warm sun! BUT I am blessed by the sound and am making progress on my to do list so its “all good”)

PPS Extra shout out to Chelsea & Marc! You can’t tell its cold and windy can you? Nice teamwork guys!