Alright so we have been in Mexico for 11 days already (hard to believe!!!) so I thought I should share some random things that I have discovered before.

1. They sell clight here (like crystal light at home) and they have a pina colada flavour that tastes JUST like Pina Colada

2. The currents on the water here in cancun are NUTS, our first day here we went swimming and played in the the waves, the next day we got whistled at by a lifeguard for being in the same place…we went to talk to him and he told us where we picked was really bad for currents, funny we have noticed that we went quite a distance down the beach with each wave but didn’t think much of it. Now we pay attention to where other groups of people are swimming but its crazy!

3. The police like to pull over tourists and take their money when they aren’t allowed. We were pulled over twice before we decided to take the rental car back and go the bus route with the rest of Mexico. They will pull you over for no reason, or when you are doing something wrong when someone Mexican is doing something worse…

4. I love dolphins !!! I have always wanted to swim with dolphins, I swam with them in the wild once but never got to interact with them…until today! I used to want to be a marine biologist or dolphin trainer like on flipper! I don;t think this will be my last interaction with dolphins!

5. I like pork tacos and Alex likes shrimp…

6. Alex and I are living in a space smaller than half of our BEDROOM at home. It has taught us a couple of things. 1st, we have too much STUFF and 2nd our bedroom is TOO BIG and there is no reason we shouldnt be able to keep it clean!)

7. Walking in flip flops is GREAT for your back and knees, and we have been walking a LOT! Which is great because we have been having ice cream every other day!

8. Alex apparently looks like he has a lot of cash on him. The men at the markets call out many things like “hey honeymooners” (we must look really happy) or “ola amigo”, or “I have what you want” but most often Alex gets….”Hey big spenda”

9. However Mexico time DOES exist. We went to pick up our laundry a 2:00 when our slip said 1:30, it was not ready. She changed it to 3:30 and we went at 4 and it was not ready…she said a half hour more, alex went at 6 and she was still folding :) LOL it wasnt a big deal at all, just if you have heard of Mexican time…it really exists.

10. Taxi drivers here are way more nuts than at home. And they will flash their lights, honk, say “taxi taxi” or wave at you to ask “would you like a taxi” We especially like it when we drive by a row of like 8 taxis and the 7th one we pass honks…lol OH you’re THERE yes I forgot I DID want a taxi!!!