Everyone loves a good farm market right? Well Hennigars is one of my favorites! They have some beautiful trails on the property, a mini petting zoo, photo ops, fresh Valley produce and of course ICE CREAM (I love me some ice cream!) So when I got the email from Elaine Hennigar about photographing her (& Mike’s) wedding at the family farm I knew that it couldn’t be bad! The wedding incorporated so many of the wonderful things that I loved about the market, but even more than that I got to meet the people behind the scenes, and let me tell you that makes me love it even more!

The wedding was laid back (and maybe a little hot!) with some wonderful personal touches…yes I may have asked the wedding party to climb up in some precariously placed apple barrels, but not before I climbed in one and was lifted up in a fork lift to take a shot of everyone at the wedding!

I was so glad to be a part of such a beautiful wedding and was amazed by the effort put in by all of the family and friends who were there!

Without further ado…some favorites from the day!