Well we just got back from my husbands grandmothers funeral in new brunswick, so I apologize that this blog post is a little late. However, being at the visitation and looking through the photo albums and slideshows reminded me of the value of a photograph (not that I need much of a reminder, I just really appreciated them)

I often have parents who are hesitant to be in photos, either because they don’t like the way they look or because they want it to be all about the kids. I think you need a good balance of both! I like seeing pictures of my brother and I growing up but I love the ones of us with our parents, and us with our grandparents etc.

I really appreciate that this mom, though maybe not appreciated by her family (they’ll appreciate it later on in life) takes the time to have family photos taken often.

As a photographer I may be biased but I LOVE looking at old photographs. I love looking at what my parents looked like when they were growing up, what they looked like when they were married, how we looked as babies and all throughout our lives.

I feel privileged to be able to help people capture these memories and moments in time, not just for them but for generations to come.

We did this family shoot in the backyard of the home where they had grown up, we were supposed to take them in the fulness of their old oak tree…but the day before the shoot we had that snow/hail/yuck storm, and all the leaves were gone. We went ahead anyway to make sure that this time was captured, which I think is just great!

I think Alex and I really need to go out and get some new shots taken!!!

Ok well that was long winded enough here is one of the shots we took last weekend :)