Gary & Dianne are a beautiful couple with a BEAUTIFUL story. One of those ones that made me well up when they shared it, and one of those stories that made me pretty aware that there would be some very special moments during their wedding. Now often the wedding day centers, obviously around the couple, but also around photos, parties and people (and I think that these are great things!) but this wedding was all about the Lord. The couple was all about giving Him glory for the amazing things that had happened in their lives and how He had brought them together. So when buckets of sideways rain caused a change in ceremony venue that took an hour of driving (and substantially cut into our photo time…as in…we didn’t have any!) they were not phased, as the location of the ceremony wasn’t the focus! During the reception there were amazing stories of blessing, prayers and lots of laughs with the people that had celebrated with them.  And when it came to photos, what was the focus? Their friends and family. Never before had I had a couple take the time to get photos with every single guest that was there to share the day with them!

Now to be honest, when I first went through the images, I was a little dissapointed that we didn’t get more creative shots with Gary & Dianne and their wedding party, but as I looked deeper at the photos and remembered back to the day I realized that the images that we have are truly representative of the focus that they had. So without further ado, some images from Gary & Dianne’s Annapolis Valley wedding (held at the beautiful new Luckett Vineyards )

Congratulations Gary & Dianne and thank you for having us capture your very special day! xo