Well I am sure that you know by now, but I LOVE photographing in new locations. It makes you look out for so many new things and you don’t get stuck just thinking of the places you know, everything is new! Now I have been to Moncton about a bajillion times but I never really looked at it from a wedding photography perspective, but this time it was just the ticket. We drove up a little early, scouted things out and had fun creating new images in new locations! The Magnetic Hill Winery was AMAZING, and I still can’t believe it but the ENTIRE property was yellow and grey and matched the wedding decor BY FLUKE! Joanne hadn’t even seen the property in person until the week before the wedding!!! Now onto the couple! I LOVE that these two were determined to enjoy the day and I loved that I got to see Joanne’s smiling face in person! (For months I saw that gorgeously authentic smile as the icon when I got emails from her) So many things were great about this wedding and I could have made the post 10 times longer, but I need to leave some to surprise them with!