Alright! Well I know I missed a 10 random things (again!) but we were traveling home on Wednesday and Alex got food poising before we left! It was bad news, but thankfully we are all home safe and sound, and Alex is on the mend.

I have so much that I want to post! Random Mexico thoughts, Rock the Dress Images, some from shoots before I left, some of MY boudoir shots, some boudoir clients…BUT I need to get some stuff to my clients before all of that! AND this week I am heading to a workshop by the amazing Silvanna of Impulse Photography. I am super excited for the workshop, not just to learn what she does and more about how she uses her talents and abilities and runs her business… but to also to take some time on my very own to make some decisions on my business as well. I don’t want to try to be anyone else but me but I do always want to be growing and learning so I think this workshop will be a great opportunity for all of that (PLUS I get to visit some friends in Toronto :) Bonus :) )

BUT back to the task at hand! Julie & Josh, where do we begin? They were in touch long ago about me doing a photo booth at their April reception here in Halifax…and I asked what she was planning on doing for a photographer down south…we talked back and forth via email for quite some time…the resort didn’t want an outside photographer…at one point I had another wedding booked here that would conflict with their dates….it didn’t look like it was going to happen…

and then it did

and I am so glad!

what an amazing day we had celebrating with Julie & Josh and their entire crew :) We had lots of time for photos (we even stopped and grabbed a snack) so the whole day had a relaxed laid back feel! I loved that in their vows (which they both wrote the day before and hadn’t shared with each other) they both referred to the other as their partner in crime, I can totally see it ;) We learned that guacamole, sweating and wedding dresses do not make for easy getting ready time, and that Mexican time really does apply to everything…including ministers! From the first look of fear on Julie’s face when her hair stylist spoke not a word of English, to the moment we walked away (while the ipod dock and party were heading to the snack bar) it was an amazing day!

Here is a sneak peek of their wedding:

PS so glad to be home! Hard to believe looking at the pictures but it’s true!