Ok well first of all, I have to give photo credit to one of the Selvatica crew, we weren’t planning on buying all the photos but we were sooo impressed by the photos. Not only are they great photos but the guys taking them were hanging from trees or zip-lining or balancing on a small little platform. I was pretty impressed with the gig overall but the photography…was pretty impressed…and how streamlined the process was, They had ipad’s for every table so while you were eating lunch you could look at your pics and decide if/what you wanted. SO kudos to those guys!

Here are some more random things from Mexico

1. Turns out that the type of Mexican food we like is the yellow packages we get at home, good ol old elpaso! I just find everything really salty, but the guac is good :)

2. There is a park by our apt that we have to walk through to get to the main street, or when we come back from picking up our laundry. We don’t know what its called now, but Alex would like it to be renamed – Keep it in Your Pants Park He is thinking that if it was renamed people might stop making out in the park at all hours of the day and night. There are probably 10 benches in there always occupied by couples, young and old, just making out. Lol we’re not much into PDA’s but Alex gets so uncomfortable its pretty amusing!

3. Cenotes are our new favorite thing, Cave like water holes that you can swim in, adventures, cool (like refreshing) and overall a good time!

4. I am such a homebody! I don’t think I could ever move away from home. More than my hose I miss my family, friends and my clients!

5. I LOVE to swim but really really dislike that salty sticky sandy feeling you get from swimming in the ocean and sitting at the beach. Our last few days here we are going to stay at a resort, looking forward to the freshwater showers you can take after you swim, and having a pool to lounge in cuz the waves are VIOLENT!

6. I never realized it before but I like to drive FAST! We drove a dune buggy yesterday (Alex and I both got to, but they didn’t take any photos or videos of me :( ) and it was so fun going fast!

7. OK so totally random, but hey, isn’t that the point? In  the pharmacy here there are 3 options for tampons (not three brands…three OPTIONS, like this box, this box or that box) but there is an entire WALL of the other option…just saying that was something I observed.

8. I use tripadvisor a lot. I really need to get on there and start making posts of my own to help other travelers.

9. As I sit here, I am hungry. We have been eating pretty cost effectively while we are here, but we’re going to be going out a lot near the end of the trip because we won’t be at the apt. I will have to learn to deal :) (I really dislike spending money on food!)The donuts here at the grocery store are AMAZING though, so so so fresh and tasty. mmmmm…I did buy one for a treat tonight…and since I am hungry this may be a good time, well not RIGHT now or I may end up with chocolate on my lil white macbook.

10. To get a public bus you have to hail it like a cab, unless someone else already did. You could be standing at a bus stop and if you don’t waive it down, the bus probably wont stop.