Karen & Richard don’t live locally, and they wanted to have some photos taken at Peggy’s cove in their wedding duds, but since their wedding was in the valley we were left with only one option….a Rock the Dress shoot. Now if a bride is gutsy for being willing to sit on dirt and rocks, climb through small pathways, stand close to the waters edge and whatever else we may ask of her…then Karen was the gutsiest bride of all….since we did their rock the dress shoot BEFORE the wedding. Yes siree the morning before their wedding Karen put her wedding dress on at the side of their rented truck for all the Peggy’s Cove tourists to see. Then we shot at Peggy’s Cove and a couple of random spots we found along the way. Oh the good time with these guys…especially Richard smushing Karen into an old fishing shacks wall when he lost his balance… Oh and the waves at Peggy’s Cove were amazing! I wish I had packed a picnic to stay when we finished, normally the crazy high waves are accompanied with bad weather, but as you can see it was a beautiful day with dramatic waves, what a great time!