Ok well I am not 100% sure on the historical accuracy of my post title. I really have no idea what  Alexander Keith’s wedding was like, or to be honest, if he ever was married. However Mike & Jessie’s kitchen party style reception would really make me think that if he did get married its what he would have wanted it to be like, friends gathered together in booths and tables, dancing, celebrating, laughing and having a great time! Mike & Jess had their ceremony in the courtyard of the Alexander Keith’s Brewery building and hosted their reception at the Red Stag. We got to explore the tour area (where Jess used to work!) and had a great time with the wedding party. The day was BEAUTIFUL (seriously it was sooooo warm…what happened? Its so cold now!!!) and I loved how much time I had with the bride! Hair and makeup had actually finished early which meant Jess could get ready earlier, so I encouraged her to do that and then we had lots of time to take pictures and then even make a quick stop for some more shots in Halifax before we headed to the wedding ceremony location. It was a tight timeline after the ceremony as the bride & groom were ready to get the party started (and who could blame them??) Thanks Mike & Jessie Lee for letting us share in your day!