You might remember Krista & Ryan from their Piano on the beach engagement shoot…you may recall just how cute they are together, and the wedding was so amazing! Their love for each other was so evident that I teared up more than once! I am fortunate enough to know Krista & Ryan in “real life” so we’re facebook friends so I got to see them post as they got more and more excited for the wedding! I just had to share some of the messages that they were writing on each others walls the week before a wedding!

What she said to him:

Hey babe!
I’m listening to some of our wedding songs & October 6th can’t come fast enough! So excited for the day that I get to marry my best friend! You’re everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more. Can’t wait until you become my forever :) Love you! xoXoxOxXOoxoXoxOoxo

What he said to her :

Im excited too! Out of every girl in the whole world I get you! And your all mine :) I remember being the sheep that followed you in the christmas concert play when i was in grade 4! I thought you were really cute back then and i still do! Its funny that we grew up together and we were always around each other but i never thought you would be my woman forever! Im glad we know each other really well. And im glad we became best friends! October 6th will be the best day of my life! I love you way more than you love me! xooxo

And then their beautiful day came! There are so many images I could post but I had to leave some to surprise the bride and groom with at their viewing! SO for now, here is a sneak!!!