Well we all know by now that I love my “job” its one of those things that you probably get sick of hearing, but I’ll probably just keep saying it. It’s such a blessing for me to do something that I love so much! But you know what? sometimes in the busyness of it all I even lose sight of how great it is. But it’s when I get to photograph a cute little family like this, at a new location, and am just allowed to let the creative part of me take center stage…that it all comes back, I am so lucky that this is what I do for a living!

And also, by the way, it was like 8 am on a Sunday morning and it was not warm, and Lisa braved (and bore) it all with style, we had a few curious onlookers lol but I think it was well worth it :)

The wait is over Lisa! Here is your sneak peek!!!