Well I am just getting through an AWFUL summer cold which has gotten me a little bit behind…on my laundry, and housekeeping, and exercise and SLEEP.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much our lives have capacity for love. Like when I had Addy I had no idea that I could love that much and I was worried when I was pregnant with Finn that I would have to love Addy less to love him, but somehow when he was born my love for both of them exploded. I think our lives are like that in general, you think that they are full and then things keep getting added to it and you think back and say “what did I do with all that TIME I must have had before?” I would have thought that my life was full then and I have a feeling that my life will somehow keep expanding to allow for MORE.

Melissa & Ron seem to have that capacity for life that just keeps growing and I am so glad that they brought me into their lives!

Melissa is the kind of woman who you just have to smile when you’re with, her energy is infectious which made her Cape Breton wedding such an amazing experience! Melissa is also the one who introduced me to Moksha Yoga and I have really been enjoying it! Her studio in Bedford is awesome and I had no idea how much I would get out of it! Check it out! Here are a few from their rock and roll inspired Cape Breton wedding!

melron1 melron2 melron3