the piano at the beach unfolded something like this:

brainstorming about session. krista plays piano. lets incorporate a piano. find free piano on kijiji. Krista, Ryan & friends pick up piano. its heavy. heavier than we expected. but beautiful. I go to brainstorm on how to move the piano and where to take it. figure if we’re going to load it up might as well take it somewhere cool. brainstorm on beaches where we could drive close to the beach. beach selected. day of shoot team arrives at Krista’s to move piano. Its still heavy.  I finish a shoot in studio. go pick wildflowers. Ryan is running late. Ryan has truck. back up plan for piano transport is formulated. back up truck arrives. piano gets loaded to truck. piano is still heavy. I arrive at the beach. its beautiful. piano is too heavy for backup truck. we’ve lost contact with Ryan. its now when we were going to start shooting. wildflowers are dying. I’m thinking if they don’t leave sackville soon its not going to work. talk to krista about a backup plan. we’re sad. ryan arrives with truck. piano is on the move. piano falls over in truck (even after being tied down). piano arrives at beach. wildflowers are dead. my team of amazing men move the piano down the boardwalk and onto the beach. i break off all my fingernails trying to help. sun is moving lower. I shoot as many frames as possible. have piano brain freeze. take some more photos (sans piano). sun is lower. need to load piano back on truck. piano is heavier than ever. team is efficient. piano is loaded on in a quarter of the time it took the first time.  I consider asking to take it off the truck again as there is still a glimmer of sunlight. I think I better not push my luck . we play with a few other props. we start the drive home. eat pizza. think of a million other shots I would love to have taken. smile that we just did a photoshoot with a piano at the beach.

This is part one of at least three…possibly four…maybe more…

Thanks to everyone who helped us make it happen!