First of all a huge shout out to Jeff Cooke! My good friend who took Alex and I out for a bump style shoot and snapped this photo of me near the end. All of the pics are great but I LOVE that this one doesn’t focus on me being pregnant :) Thanks buddy!!!

Alright well I know that I am WAAAAAYYYY behind on 10 random things Tuesday…and I know that I haven’t updated the blog in a while! The funny thing is that I HAVE been shooting a bunch of familys, engagement sessions, boudoir and bump…its just that this growing a baby business is a lot more difficult than I had expected! Holy tired and sick batman!!!! But I am trying to slow down a little bit with Bean’s arrival expected less than 7 weeks now (though I know it may be before or after that) so hopefully I’ll have some time to update you on what we’ve been up to with This is Photography! But for now, to tide you over…here are some random things!

1. Putting on boots is now one of the most difficult parts of my day.

2. When I make toast and I butter it, or pb and jam it or as of late, rock the nutella on it. I finish prepping one slice, take a bite, and prep the next….then I take a bite of that one before I sit down to actually eat it. (Yup you’re looking for random things…so you’re getting RANDOM things)

3. I LOVE Christmas! I love buying presents and wrapping them, I love the decorations and the lights and the family and everything!!! So excited that its on its way!!!

4. I get this question a lot, so thought I’d answer it as a random thing…I don’t think I get any “weird” cravings. I was never a “sweets” person, but I have eaten more chocolate cake and doughnuts in the last 7 months than probably in the 7 years prior combined…but I really would haven’t had very many before that, so don’t worry its not my daily diet!

5. I love storms! Rain/Snow/Lightning/Wind…love it all! Something about the amazing power that a storm can have…just LOVE it! I even love when the power goes out (but not tomorrow! I have a tonne of editing to do and we haven’t had the chimney swept yet!)

6. I used to be an AWFUL baker, but thanks to my friend Erin teaching me that there is a difference between “about a cup” and a cup….and between softened margarine and melted butter….I have been able to have pretty good success over the last couple of years.

7. I use a timer when I cook almost anything, because if I don’t…I WILL forget. Its this thing I have of doing too many things at once, so I’ll say put cupcakes in for another two minutes and then go start a load of laundry or come back to my office and start a batch of editing… but if I didn’t hear the ding ding of the oven timer…I would let those cupcakes burn right up! Sometimes I’ll use the timer as a challenge…like “can I get this dishwasher emptied before that goes off” gee don’t I sound like fun!!!

8. I am pretty certain that other than my sneakers I don’t have any flat shoes that I can wear socks in….which may present a problem with the weather that we are expected to get (and the overall minus weather…not so good for flip flops) I prefer heels most of the time, but in these casual clothes that I’m rockin….not thinking its gonna work so well!!!

9. I LOVE inexpensive accessories. Its a great way to have a varied amount of jewlery without breaking the bank! Plus you can still shop for it while pregnant! PS Ardene store in bayers lake has WALLS of accessories, 4 for $10…great stocking stuffers!

10. ummmm….wow….this is tough…I need some questions to spur me on… but for the record… choosing baby names is TOUGH. So much to consider… Any suggestions??