Well the title itself was long winded so I will try not to be!

We did a half indoor half outdoor session with these two beautiful sisters. I am pretty sure the tallest of the two is 5 feet even, but that didnt stop them from rocking out the being beautiful! I love how confident and fun they were and came prepared with more coordinated outfits than I have ever worn in my life!

I have to say that when we headed out on the hiking trail to do these shots we did turn a few heads…especially heads attached to bodies decked out in hiking boots, rain pants and hydration systems… but I think once they saw me with the cameras it all made sense…and even if it didnt…it was worth it for some really cool shots :)

I’ll post a couple of their in studio shots in the next few days, but for now, im going to hit the hay. Corporate shoot in the AM.