Ok well I know that we have been on a small blogging hiatus, and I am not promising that I will be perfect at posing every week, however I do promise to do BETTER! As a wedding photographer in Halifax things are ramping up  for the year so I find myself gearing down and getting focused (funny how when we are busier we can often get more done…..wait that could have been a random thing…I find I get more done the busier I am!) BUT without further ado here are 10 Random Things for you! Oh and thanks to my awesome assistant Mike for getting this shot for me for the blog I was being a little picky as I’m not quite used to this post baby bod…but he was patient and worked with me to get something I was happy with.

1. I like variety in FOOD. You’ve heard me probably say 100 times “variety is the spice of life” well I think its true (hopefully I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t believe it!) We have recently been doing really well at eating healthily & eating at home, and I LOVE the new variety of food!

2.I would much rather go to a restaurant and split two meals with someone than just eat mine all by myself. Or those tapas restaurants where you share appetizer sized plates. I did this when friends of ours came over the other day and loved it!

3. I would love to have a party with all the mini foods, little mini soups & grilled cheese, personal veggies & dip, individual shot glass cheesecakes…its a lot of work and I think I would “need” some of those little mini plates and bowls and glasses…so for now, not something I am going to invest in…but someday!

4. My wedding rings still don’t fit. I am probably 8 or so pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight (which was still 10 over my goal weight…so have a ways to go) I thought they were back to fitting the other day when I got them on…but since they cut of circulation and to be removed with soap & much force by hubby….thinking they need a bit more time, or to be re-sized.

5. I have been shooting LOTS of boudoir lately and have been LOVING it! So much so that I have set up another shooting area with a much edgier feel to have even MORE variety in the shots you can get when you come for a shoot! Its such a rewarding experience that I am so happy to be growing in it!

6. My baby has a cold, she sounds like a raspy old man but is still the cutest thing!!!

7. I love to get dressed up. The other day I was going into the city (wow makes it sounds like we live FAR) for a few meetings and all my lulus were dirty (Noooooooooo say it ain’t so!!!) so I decided to dress up a bit, and it felt nice.

8. I love to get REALLY dressed up. I was hoping that my 10 random things Tuesday pic would be me all dressed up for Brigdoon’s Black Tie Bingo this past weekend, Naphtali Carleton (my AMAZING boudoir stylist/makeup artist) did my makeup and I really liked how the whole look came together…but a sick baby, a busy day, a dead camera battery and a few contributing factors made that plan fly FAR out the window!

9. I am currently taking part in a 10 week weight loss challenge with a few ppl in my life and we are HALFWAY through it (how time flies!) My goal was 10lbs in 10 weeks (ok my goal was to WIN but this was what I planned to be “happy” with even if I didn’t win) I’m at 4 now, but we’ve been working out and eating really healthily…so overall I need to remember that this is a positive thing for my health even if the scale isn’t showing the results that I’d like!

10. Wow, I forgot how difficult this can be! Today my toenail polish matches my sweatery/wrappy thing…totally fluke but its nice to be coordinated!