practice_3535So when I was away with my mom she kept pointing out that things I said were pretty random. So then I started to write them down, which made this week’s ten random things Tuesday a bit easier to write :) So here they are….

1. (this one my mom laughed REALLY loud at this one when we were sitting in Burger king in the airport on the way home, I had just finished my chicken sandwich when I realized…) Sometimes I eat slowly when I’m with other people because I get REALLY jealous if they have food left and I am already done!

2. I almost always have two hair elastics on my right wrist. Just in case I want to put little pigtails in, or maybe braids!

3. I break or lose 4-5 pair of sunglasses annually… that’s why I don’t spend a lot of money on them! (also why i should learn to not throw them in my purse)

4. I have a pretty good general sense of direction, but a very poor sense of COMPASS. I never have any idea which way North is!

5. Yes and my mom also thought I shouldn’t admit this to the world at large, but I still have to say “Never Eat Shredded Wheat” to remember North East South West go in that order.

6. I do not recommend putting pepper on pineapple.

7. Sometimes I write things on my to do list after I have already done them, just so I can cross them off.

8. I didn’t know I liked guava juice but I certainly like it in a “tropical pick me up” (apple, pineapple, guava juice and grenadine blended with ice)

9. When you are sunburnt, and get a massage, the oil gets REALLY hot!

10. If you charge me for delivery, and you’re close, I am not giving you a tip.