Ok well not to brag but having photographer friends pretty much rocks :) Jeff, Susie and Charlotte came over for a visit today and Jeff brought his camera (and mine was out too) and sent me this when he got home!  So thanks Jeff Cooke for this fabulous shot!

1. Addison Joy Gionet was born 01-02-12 at 8:41 am and was 8lbs 3oz. and she has stolen our hearts!

2. I know its been a while since I have posted any client shots on the blog! A new post will  be coming soon but it turns out I’m not super woman! This having a baby business is tough work!

3. Alex is taking paternity leave to be home with Addison and I.  So in case you were worried that I’d be taking a year off I’m not!!! I am still working but right now we’re enjoying time with our new bundle of Joy so things are a little bit delayed in getting done.

4. I brush my teeth everytime I go to the bathroom at night (and often during the day)

5. My baby toenail is so tiny that sometimes it just falls off!

6. I have recently joined pinterest, and all it has done is made me want to do all kinds of crafty things! I used to take the time to do all of those things…and I think I’ll need to do something crafty again soon, I really enjoyed making my Christmas tags this year :)

7. If I thought I was hungry when I was pregnant…thats got nothing on me now! My bedside table is stocked with granola bars!

8. We are so blessed by amazing friends who have been super helpful, and amazing family that gives us amazing support. I guess thats not that random but thought it was worth saying.

9. I keep almost falling asleep while writing this!

10. I love Kinect Dance Central and got the new one for Christmas! Looking forward to giving it a try once I’m feeling a bit more like myself.