This shot was taken by Alex at Julie and Josh’s wedding just before a nice little wave came up and splashed me, it was totally worth it though because I LOVED the shots I got of Julie and Josh on the dock!

Well I have been home for just under a week and on the plane to Toronto today had a little bit of time to reflect on the trip as a whole. We loved shooting the destination weddings, we loved the weather, our adventures and the time we had together, but there were a few things that we will…and wont…miss about Mexico. Here are those random things :

  1. having sand in EVERYTHING.
  2. Not having alone time. I didn’t realize how much I valued it until I didn’t have it. Guess it goes with the old adage “you don’t know what you got till its gone”
  3. not having a bathroom door…enough said
  4. everyone wanting your money. I am pretty sure most people here in Canada want my money too, but they usually aren’t rude or deceitful in trying to get it from you.
  5. Being in a country where my language is not always available. I really try to not be an ignorant traveler. I know that I am in another country and so it is my responsibility to try to communicate in their language not vice versa, however since I DON’T speak Spanish it was stressful trying to ask questions, find places, order food and generally do the things that I do at home with such ease. I think we fared pretty well (and by we…I mean me…Alex didn’t even say “ola” while we were in Mexico) but it is much easier to be home.

Things I will miss about Mexico

  1. VidaLife What an amazing little church with amazing people. We wish we could have been able to stay to minister and support them. They don’t even have enough Sunday school workers for the classrooms that they have!
  2. The sun, I have to say I love being warm!
  3. Having less space to clean. Somehow in a matter of 4 days I have managed to disorganize the whole house! But in our itty bitty apartment we had to keep it clean.
  4. Wow…this is hard…lol guess I am really glad to be home! I will miss just having lots of time with Alex, and the fun adventures that were just at the ready
  5. Wearing flip flops! My feet have been so overheated the last few days by wearing socks or shoes!