train_048I know I know! I missed 10 random things Tuesday last week. I was considering making today’s post twenty to make up for it, but that would be too much info all at once. Last Tuesday was the day of my granny’s funeral and I had intended to do a post about her, but really couldn’t. I still might someday, once I have a chance to go through all of the photos, and process all of my thoughts.

If you were wondering if I had called it quits because I thought I was running out..wonder no more, more random things are coming your way!

But first, a shout out to Kristyn & Mike. We went out on a fun training/playing/testing shoot the other day and one of them snapped this shot of me. (We were all taking pics on all of the cameras so I am not 100% sure on who took this one BUT they were all great so either way thanks both of you!!! )

1. I know I mention it frequently but I am amazed with just how girly I have become. (not that its a bad thing…just a big change) I don’t know if I would say I was ever a tomboy but….

2. I used to wear men’s deodorant. I am not really sure why now, when I think back, because I don’t even sweat that much. I guess the girly smells and me didn’t get along.

3. My bedroom when I was a little girl was pink with unicorns. When I got to redecorate my room as a teenager I chose hunter green and tan….

4. I used to wear mens flip flops. I still have one pair but when I got my sandals mixed up with one of my hubby’s groomsmen (Yes, same size and everything…) I thought maybe I should switch to girls ones…I do have really wide feet though so often girls flip flops are too narrow, especially cute girly ones…which I now like…

5. I don’t like fitting the status “girly” quo. We were away on the weekend and all the guys were going sailing (none of the girls really wanted to go) which was all fine, until someone SAID “oh looks like all the girls are going to stay and get some sun” (or something similar) I decided I would go sailing.

6. It drives me NUTS that I don’t REALLY know how to drive a standard. Like it really bothers me, but we have never owned one. It looks like we may be buying one soon, and I can’t wait to learn. I mean I know HOW…but have never had much opportunity to practice.

7. I always have this desire to learn to do something more “boyish” and then really impress Alex. Like I intended to start mountain biking without him knowing and then surprise him by going out and really rocking the course or something…sadly that has not happened…and the summer is almost over!!!

8. I believe that I can do pretty much anything I put my mind to, but I like chivalry too. Yes I CAN open my own door, and I CAN carry my own bag, but it wont bother me one bit if you open my door or carry my bag for me :) It makes me feel special.

9. Now if you tell me that you don’t think I can lift that speaker (or whatever it is) I will likely do it just to prove I can. But once I prove it, I will likely let you lift the next one :)

10. I tried nail polish out, turns out I DO like having my toe nails painted…but having my fingernails painted drives me nuts :)

Thanks Ryan for helping me out with the theme for this weeks post!

***Disclaimer*** I believe women can do pretty much anything they set their minds to! but there are some things that are more socially accepted/expected to be girl or guy activities. Don’t be all silly on me and think I am sexist or anything lol! Go ladies!! :)