ok first of all I have to give a small shout out to twitter, without whom (or I guess which? Man I am not up on my grammar, my mamma is not going to be happy) I would not have met some of these amazing photographers that I have had a chance to meet/collaborate/work with over the last while. I love what the twitter has done for my photography network :)

Second shout out to Jeff who invited me out on this shoot! What a blast it was. (moldy walls, mosquitos and all!)

Thirdly is not a shout out, but just a comment that I think I will leave the actual modelling up to the actual models from now on! It was a blast and maybe I “killed it” (thanks boys for being so kind) but it was KILLING me not taking photos.

So you can check out a couple of the shots of me being a “model” at Liam’s blog and Jeff’s blog but after a few hours of being in my wedding dress I traded it off for some camera gear. The boys were setting up some lights for a collaborative shot and I took advantage of the whole 8 minutes (maybe) I had with Chelsea donning my wedding dress (it was a bit big on her, but the fact that I could fit in something that she could wear…really made my day!) I think that Jeff said he took 650 shots for the day. Well I only had my camera out for about 45 minutes and I took well over 300!! LOL cant wait for the next fun project (and to see the rest of the pics)

Thanks again everyone ;) It was a blast!!!