Well if I said that it wasn’t a whole lot harder than I expected to shoot weddings while I was pregnant, I would be lying! Jocelyn & Andrews wedding was my last of the season and I would have thought that I would have been dreading it but I didn’t! I was so excited for their wedding and I can honestly say it wasn’t until we walked out the reception doors that I was glad that it was over. Their amazing energy, fun wedding party and super cute kids made it easy to get lost in taking the photos, and having fun while doing it.  I’m glad we’re booking up for next year, its a reminder that I will still be doing something I love! I am still shooting now, and will be for a while, but I am TRYING to take it a bit easier, its hard loving what you do, and wanting to grow, and do the very best for your amazing clients…but also knowing that you have a big change coming…that you need to get ready for…so as always, seeking that ever distant balance! But for now, here are some shots of the amazing Jocelyn & Andrew, my last wedding before Bean arrives :)